• ‘Shopbox’ offering entrepreneurs a platform to create websites

    Published On: Sunday, January 08, 2017 Source: The Sunday Times

    Three years ago, Farthab Feisal, Sabir Esufali, Robert Sandrasagara and Ryan Jayawardena wanted to try their hand at an online retail business. However, when the group attempted the actual process of developing their website, etc. they discovered both an obstacle and a new idea for their business. They switched goals from online retail to an easy to use web platform that helps small online businesses with the problematic task of setting up. Their brainchild is simply called “ShopBox”.

  • Aramex and ShopBox provide building blocks for e-commerce in Sri Lanka

    Published On: Thursday, September, 01 2016 Source: Daily FT

    Building an eco-system for e-commerce is not easy. It requires hard work, investment in time and money and committed teams.
    ShopBox has been in operation for over two years and have pioneered a unique business model for e-commerce in Sri Lanka. This model focuses on the long-term sustainability of start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises through empowerment in creating and designing your website, payment gateways, mobile optimisation and access to your customer database.

  • YBSL and Shop Box to help address entrepreneurs/ start-ups/SMEs obstacles to growth

    Published On: Sunday, December 06, 2015 Source:The Sunday Times

    Youth Business Sri Lanka (YBSL), an accredited member of Youth Business International and the Chamber of Commerce and Shop Box, an enterprising e-commerce solutions provider, have come together to help address the obstacles to growth such as access and ivestment that often deter and demotivate entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.

  • E-commerce in Sri Lanka

    Published On: Friday, July 17, 2015 Source: ECHELON

    Today it is possible to avoid the usual costs associated with setting up an e-commerce operation such as purchasing bank payment gateways, a delivery fleet of vehicles etc. Companies such as Shopbox – which provides a customizable storefront and a common payment gateway and Kapruka, which recently spun off its e-commerce fulfillment operation into an independent business – providing some of the key infrastructural elements for new entrants. Following the industry’s standard mantra, online businesses have the ability to now fail fast and fail cheaply since they themselves don’t have to invest in the infrastructure.

  • Shopbox.lk – A Novel Ecommerce Experience

    Published On: Thursday, May, 21 2015 Source: Roar Media

    You are a budding entrepreneur who specialises in fashion for geeks. Geek is the new black and you want to reach anyone who may be looking to buy your latest Captain America t-shirt. You do some market research and learn that your target demographics spend a lot of time online. So you decide the best place to sell your t-shirts and accessories is on the internet. What do you do? You take steps to set up an online store. And it dawns on you, sooner rather than later, easier said than done…