Starting Up

ShopBox is an easy-to-use, online-based website builder which can be used by anyone to create their own online store! ShopBox is geared to help small to medium sized businesses who desire an online presence but cannot afford the associated development and running costs.

Not only does it allow you to build your own website affordably, it also provides you with the tools needed to successfully manage your own online store.

Want to see the potential which ShopBox can offer your business? Start with our free 2 week, zero-commitment trial today and set up your website in minutes!

ShopBox is a web-based platform and does not require any installation. It is accessible from most web browsers and devices. This makes ShopBox accessible from any internet-enabled device and so you won’t have to worry about upgrading the software, maintaining web servers or backing up your store data; it’s all done for you!

Merchant FAQ

ShopBox is a Sri Lankan based startup and it’s catered for Sri Lankan businesses in terms of its payment gateway abilities. The store built using ShopBox can display retail pricing in any of the major currencies. The remittances will be made in LKR to the merchant’s bank after the standard banking conversion applies. If purchases are made from overseas, conversions would be conducted automatically by the customer's credit card company.

Yes, you have full control your content. You can upload or remove products as you please simply by accessing your dashboard to make the changes. With an inbuilt content management system, you could make changes to your blogs or pages such as your ‘about us’ and even tweak your homepage content to display new featured items.

Yes, plan changes can be made from within the merchant dashboard, however, please note that it will be easy to upgrade to the higher packages as we will be providing more features as you ascend. When you want to downgrade, you will be asked to make some changes in order to facilitate the downgrade. Example – If the higher package allowed unlimited products and the lower package has a limit of 200 products. You will be requested to bring your products down to 200 in order to make the migration.

Yes! Own domain submission is available for users on all our plans. With the own domain feature, you can create your own ecommerce website and have it hosted using your very own domain!

You would have to purchase your domain separately from domain providers and submit the domain name in the settings.

For those without a registered domain, ShopBox will supply merchants with a customizable ShopBox URL. For example:

This URL can be shared through social media and for marketing to access your online store directly.

Definitely Not! We made Shopbox to function as easily as a profile on a social networking website. Shopbox comes with customizable templates which you simply select and personalize to suit your store.

We’ve kept things simple by defining the areas which can be customized without complicating the whole process. Within minutes you could have your website ready!

However, in the event you do not have the time or the patience to do this, you can call upon our professional services. We will step in and get the pain staking work done, so that you will be able to just come in and start adding your products and go. The services are custom and the charges are separate from that mentioned in the plans.

No, ShopBox does not handle delivery of orders. ShopBox is, however, in partnership with Aramex at the moment, who have provided exclusive shipping rates to ShopBox merchants. Merchants would have their own contracts with the shipper and be in direct contact with them. The rates, depending on your location, would then be entered into the shipping module of the merchant dashboard.

Alternatively, merchants could handle their own shipping and set their own delivery rates accordingly. The correct shipping rate would appear on the customer's checkout page after factoring for the customer's location and weight/price of the order.

ShopBox allows you to select several methods of accepting payments from your customers.

Pay-in-Store allows you to accept cash at your retail location (if you have one). This is useful, especially since ShopBox supports merchants manage their businesses both online and offline with its stock manager and POS capabilities.

Bank Transfer allows you to nominate a bank account which appears during check out, allowing your customers to deposit payments directly into your bank account.

Cash on Delivery can be arranged only if you have an agreement with your shipper to collect the payment on delivery of the order to the customer.

Credit Card payments can be accepted by merchants on all packages. The transaction rates differ per package. The IPG (Internet Payment Gateway) can accept Visa and MasterCard payments. It should be noted that prior to activating credit card payments, merchants would need to be assessed and approved by ShopBox and the relevant banking authorities.

Each payment method can be individually activated/ deactivated from the merchant dashboard.

ShopBox is starting off with two new, fully customizable templates. They are both free to our merchants at the moment.

We are working on adding more templates with different levels of customization to give merchants more options when designing their ecommerce website.

You can view the available templates here.

ShopBox is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product and updates are continually added to improve the platform with stability and bug fixes, as well as introducing new features.

We highly encourage merchants to provide feedback and suggestions on the platform.

Please provide any feedback and suggestions to

While we do not respond to every suggestion directly, all genuine feedback and suggestions would be reviewed by our team.

We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about ShopBox, but you understand that we may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).

Customer FAQ

We treat privacy very seriously and none of your personal information will be shared with any store unless you choose to perform a transaction with them (information is required by the merchant for shipping and notification purposes). No credit card information is stored anywhere with ShopBox or the merchants. All credit card payment information is processed directly with the our partner Banks

Please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

ShopBox is initially geared for catering to the Sri Lankan market; however, we do not restrict merchants from selling to overseas customers. Each merchant would have their own policy of selling to overseas customers and it is recommended to contact the merchants directly to determine whether they are able to facilitate such a transaction.

ShopBox is a marketplace platform and are not responsible for any of the products sold through our website. Much like how a shopping mall operates, we only host the stores and disputes would have to be settled between the Merchant and the buyers directly. Please refer our sites Legal Section for more information.

You do not need to register as a ShopBox customer. We provide a guest checkout facility for all our merchants.

However, ShopBox makes it easy for customers to track all their orders from one place. By centralizing the customer registration, customers can keep track of their orders and change their details from just one location. We also take away the hassle of having to re-register for multiple stores who are using the platform, you only need to log in to the store. Note that your information is only shared with stores you choose to log in to (in effect, registering you with the store without the lengthy registration process).

Customers can log in to their accounts from the ShopBox home page provided they have registered as a customer on any of our partner merchants. Simply select the Customers tab > select log in > and enter your user name and password to log in to your account and view a list of all your orders made complete with the full order details or edit your personal information.