Design your Store

Choosing a template

We provide you with a number of different templates to choose from. With more themes on the way, you will quickly be able to find one which would best suit your store.

Preview and Saving

During construction you will be able to preview your store to see how it looks to the public.

If anything does come up in the short time it takes to build your store, and you have to leave the construction progress unfinished, you could save your work and pick up where you left off when you get back.

Easy Customizing

Each template is customizable, letting you upload your own logos with some templates allowing you to choose colours and fonts etc.

It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any website-building skills. If you are familiar with using social media sites like facebook or Google+ then you will be well qualified to start building your own store website.

With our easy-to-use construction dashboard, you can edit the templates to your taste and have it ready in next to no time.


Once you are satisfied with the way your online store looks, launch it and start selling your goods online!

If you’re not ready to launch, just save it for launch at a later time.

Manage Your Shop


Manage Your Shop

ShopBox provides you with a set of tools with all the features required to run your store. These tools are laid out within easy access from the merchant dashboard. You can make changes to your site’s appearance and content, manage your inventory of products, accept orders from customers and a lot more.

Manage your products and inventory

Adding new products to your store couldn't be easier. Simply select the products tab from the dashboard and begin entering the details of the item you want to add.

Manage your products and inventory

uploading images…

… writing descriptions of
the product…

... to finalizing inventory

We take the hassle of inventory management and throw it out of the window! You enter the inventory numbers and we will keep track of your stock automatically. If the last of your item gets sold, your product will immediately show up as ‘SOLD OUT’ and the system would stop accepting any further orders.

You take full control of your inventory and when you receive more stock, simply update the stock level from your dashboard.

Your products, organized your way

Your products, organized your way

Nobody likes a disorderly shopping site. It simply makes things difficult for customers to browse products resulting in reduced interest in your site and negatively affecting sales.

This is why ShopBox allows you to create categories to organize your products more effectively. Selling clothing? Have a category for dresses or shirts or shorts etc. Have a category for sale items, price ranges and even brands!

You would also be able to add tags to each product, allowing your customers to quickly search your store for relevant products.

Content Management System

Staff Access

We provide you with a content management system (CMS) which allows you to create,edit or delete web pages. Create pages telling customers about your store or pages which engage with your customers a little more such as having a dedicated page for blogs to market new products or announce upcoming offers and sales or even post a blog offering tips and advice.

Staff Access

We understand that your business may grow from a single-person operation to a large team. This is why we offer multiple staff accounts to manage your online store.

Each account can be restricted to certain permissions supporting your internal control processes within your business.

Accept Orders

We make it easy to accept online orders with our own secure shopping cart. Orders can be viewed and notifications instantly sent out to you helping you keep track of your orders for whatever you sell, whether it is cakes or toys.

Orders would come with details about the customer such as address for delivery and customer notes which customers could use to specify product options or delivery advice.

Automated Email Notifications

Personalised store emails are generated automatically to notify customers of the progress of their orders.

Update Order Status

Once you process your orders, you would be able to update the status of your orders. This in turn notifies the customer of whether an item has been shipped.

Manage Your Customers
Customer Relationship Management

Keeping your customers happy is important for the success of your business. ShopBox supports you by making it easy to keep track of, and understand your customer's shopping habits on your store. This enables you to tailor marketing plans and deals which could maximize sales.

Secure Shopping

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is an important part of any online store. The ShopBox secure shopping cart is available for use by every ShopBox merchant allowing your customers to continue shopping by adding items into the cart before proceeding to checkout.

Rest Easy

No card information is stored with ShopBox at anytime. All credit card transactions are processed securely through a secure Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) and will be processed in LKR


Payments can be made by the following means:

VISA, MasterCard and American Express using Secure IPGs*, Cash on Delivery (CoD) and store pick up.

*Merchant approval would be required before use of this facility.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

ShopBox will notify merchants of customers who have reached the checkout stage on your site but did not complete the purchase. The notification provides the email addresses and cart details of the customers. With such information, you would have the option to send out reminder emails to inform the customers of items pending in their shopping cart and awaiting completion.

Hosting Your Store

E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting

ShopBox provides all merchants with secure and reliable e-commerce hosting with unlimited bandwidth. We take care of all the technical stuff allowing you to concentrate on putting together and running your store. Everything from hosting to security is all taken care of.

Fast and on the Cloud

Fast and on the Cloud

ShopBox is a web-based platform which means that your store will always be accessible from the cloud.

We only select the best SSD server hosting providers to ensure reliability, data security and speed. Currently, ShopBox is hosted by Digital Ocean which is a New York based provider with over a hundred thousand developers from around the world using their facilities.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

We include unlimited bandwidth in all our plans. No matter how busy your site gets, you will never have to worry about additional bandwidth fees. So go on, concentrate on making your business a success! The sky’s the limit!

Your store's ShopBox URL

Your store's ShopBox URL

Each store would be designated aShopBox URL i.e: www.store-name.shopbox.lk

Marketing Features


Every business needs information to track their progress to support commercial decisions for improvement. This is why ShopBox features analytical tools as well as allowing you to make use of Google Analytics to help keep track of vital statistics such as your key performance indicators which in turn can help you make the correct decisions to increase sales.


ShopBox allows merchants to generate detailed store reports which could be viewed and printed. By automatically generating these reports using the website statistics, ShopBox helps you save time and simplifies the process of running your store.

The ShopBox Customer Portal

ShopBox not only allows you to integrate your website with your social media, we also compile all stores in our very own customer portal. Think of it as an online shopping mall where customers can browse and search for stores through the different categories we set up to help customers easily search for what they are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

ShopBox also features built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means we provide you with the means to rank highly in web search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. By utilizing XML sitemap generation, you control what shows up on the search engine as well as allowing any changes made to quickly be represented in the searches.

Promo codes and vouchers

In a similar way to coupon codes, gift card codes (or store credit codes) could also be generated and limited to single use and valid for only a specific period. These codes would be unique and would have to be redeemed at checkout. Gift cards can be sold from your website to customers to give to send to friends. Another way the gift /store credit cards could be used would be to reward loyal customers to show them your thanks or aid in customer service recovery. You decide when to make use of these tools.


If your store has got a great deal, submit it to be listed to the ShopBox dedicated 'Deals' section. We will review your submission and if we agree that it’s a great deal, we will host it in the deals section for free! We believe good deals deserve the attention, and you will certainly have the attention of our entire customer base!

Save that fee you would spend on posting a deal on other sites and pass it on to your customers! In this way customers have access only to honest deals and great savings and not just a marked up product offered at a discount which once again reflects its original sale value! Only you and your customers should stand to benefit from a great deal!


SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

All ShopBox stores will feature secure online checkout processes with their own SSL certificates. These certificates show that your store is a verified vendor. Customers can feel safe knowing that your website is secure and that all transactions are protected allowing them to make purchases with confidence.



Credit card and debit card payment transactions are securely processed via Hatton National Bank and Nations Trust Bank Internet Payment Gateways. This means that no credit card information is seen, processed or stored by ShopBox or any merchant using ShopBox. We take Security very seriously and take every effort to prevent any dishonest actions which could harm merchants or customers. Merchants would require to be approved by ShopBox before allowing use of this facility.


Multi Device Enabled

Customers don’t have to just use a computer to visit your site. ShopBox is optimized to be viewed from just about any internet device! Desktop PC, Laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, your site will automatically adjust by formatting to the different screen sizes and devices. Even the shopping cart will be optimized for the different devices. Your customers will be able to shop from just about anywhere on your great looking site!


We understand that it can get really difficult when you are running your own store. You’ve got places to be, people to see: you shouldn’t be limited to sitting in front of your computer all day. Let us ease the load off your shoulders by allowing you to run your store from your mobile device! Because ShopBox is multi device enabled you can log in to your account from your mobile web browser and begin viewing your orders, managing inventory etc.! It’s that simple! You can even enable email notifications to let you instantly know when orders are received.

Mobile Optimization


Point of Sales Systems allow merchants to keep track of sales made offline such as through physical storefronts. Accounts, inventory or even customer details are managed using the POS systems. Setting up retail POS systems could be costly and difficult especially for SMEs making them mostly exclusive to larger corporations. Let us help even the playing field by providing you with your own Web POS system through ShopBox.

This allows you to track all your offline sales, as well as sync them with your online store so you will know exactly how much stock you have left or how much you earned!

Web Pos

It's easy to use too, simply select a product from your category on your store to add it to the cart, enter the customer details, accept the payment and print a receipt. ShopBox makes it easy to track all your online and physical sales transactions and makes it easily accessible whenever or wherever you need it.


Finally, you will need to arrange to get your product out to the customer. We give you the choice of selecting one of our partnered courier companies offering preferential rates exclusively to ShopBox merchants, or you could use any other shipping agency of your choosing for an integrated shipping solution, or You could also charge your own flat delivery charges.

Delivery charges would have to be entered during the initial set-up stage due to the different tariffs which depend on locality. Once set up, delivery costs will automatically show up on the customer’s shopping cart on the website, letting your customers know the exact cost for shipping. You could also include your own delivery costs or offer free delivery.

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