About Us

Our Mission

To bring the world of online retail within the reach of small to medium businesses. At ShopBox, we believe in entrepreneurship and understand the barriers encountered by every individual who have tried to set up an online store. We are determined to help such emerging businesses get established, and to become successful in their ventures by making the process simple and affordable. We are able to accomplish this by producing innovative solutions to the many processes encountered, and integrating it into easy to use and affordable packages.

What happens when you get a bunch of guys, from different fields of expertise, who have encountered the common problem of setting up an online store?

You get ShopBox!

We are a team of highly dedicated and experienced individuals who have been where most emerging online business owners have been. By making use of this experience, we have thoughtfully developed the ShopBox concept with the small emerging businesses in mind and will continue to develop improvements to further assist in achieving success.

We're a start-up too!

ShopBox has been in development since mid-2013. After discussing about the difficulties of setting up ecommerce websites over an international phone call between friends catching up, a "someone-should-do-something-like-that's" concept was brought up. Little did they know that they started the ball rolling on what was to become ShopBox! Realising this was a common problem among many online start-ups in the post-war booming economic climate of Sri Lanka, they began the process of making ShopBox a reality.

With what started off as a phone call between two friends, the number grew to five close friends (sharing the same scorn for a lack of an easier and affordable way to sell online) who put in their own time and savings to develop the concept and share it with everyone else who have experienced the same difficulties.

ShopBox will set the benchmark in ecommerce solutions and we built it so that store owners could concentrate on selling their products and growing their business.